V5 brains not properly powering motors

Hi, I’m asking this question on the forum because some of our other teams that have V5 have encountered this problem.
We have had 5 sets of V5 for more than 2 months and we have never noticed this problem - the motors are not running at their maximum potential. Two out of the five V5 Brains do not have this problem. Both in code and the devices tab on the brain, the motors only run at about half speed, even at full power.
We’re assuming this is a problem with the brain (we swapped wires, motors, and only certain brains had this problem).
I’m not sure if this is a problem with firmware, because of the two brains that work properly (ours), we have not been good on updating firmware but never have come into this problem.
The other teams are updating their firmware. If that doesn’t work, does anybody know what we can do about them? (4/5 of the teams with V5 are competing this Saturday)
EDIT: When I mention code, all of the teams were using PROS for V5. I don’t know anything else.

Update your firmware to VEXos 1.0.3 for all your V5 systems. Then come back to the forum with findings that relate to the same platform (firmware included).

Also, is this Default Drive configuration or custom software?

Do all the systems have 200 rpm cartridges in every motor - or some 100 and others higher?

Which gear cartridges are installed ? It sounds more like a mismatch between installed gear cartridge and what is selected in code or robot configuration.

The teams tried switching betwween all three settings with no avail. The motors had 200 RPM cartridges.

Until Thursday… it took us an entire workday to realize it wasn’t a problem with motors. I will remind them to update their firmware.