V5 Breaking Computer USB Drive

My team is currently using the V5 system and about a month ago when trying to download programs to the brain, it continually disconnected and reconnected without us doing anything. This was fine since it would connect and stay connected eventually, but about a week ago my laptop completely stopped connecting at all, it won’t even register that anything is connected (micro USB cable, USB drive, we even tried connecting a phone via micro USB as well). Before this happened we tried many different things to try and keep the brain connected including using different micro USB cables and switching which port on the laptop we’re connecting to. When it stopped connecting there was another team using the field at the time and we tried to connect to their V5 but it didn’t connect to that one either. Since this was 2 days before States, we decided to just switch to a new laptop for the time being until we can troubleshoot it and at first it seemed like a laptop problem since the new laptop connected instantly and stayed connected but after a couple downloads it started exhibiting the same behavior as laptop 1 before it stopped connecting completely.

We don’t know how to test if this is a V5 problem (we also don’t currently have access to a new V5 brain which makes it harder to properly test it) or a completely separate except for seeing if it breaks another laptop’s USB drive but we’d rather not do that for obvious reasons. Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so why is this happening and is there a way to fix it?

if the USB port on the computer is broken, Its unlikely that the brain broke it. but if you have a garbage computer anywhere with USB to spare, you could try and recreate the situation.

We also had a computer’s USB ports fried by the V5 brain two days ago. We’ve been having issues with the usb port in our brain for most of the season. Pretty much 100% sure the brain caused it.