V5 bundle for sale

Our team bought a v5 classroom starter kit earlier in last year’s season as we couldn’t afford to wait for our trade in kit to arrive, and as a result we now have an extra v5 kit to sell.

For sale: new v5 kit from last year + four new motors

Parts included:


  • (1) V5 Robot Brain
  • (1) V5 Controller
  • (1) V5 Robot Radio
  • (1) V5 Robot Battery
  • (1) V5 Robot Battery Cable
  • (1) V5 Robot Battery Charger
  • (4) V5 Smart Motors
    V5 Smart Cables
  • (3) 300mm Smart Cables
  • (1) 600mm Smart Cable
  • (1) 900mm Smart Cable

Price: $525, shipping included
-I think $525 is reasonable as this listing is identical to the v5 system bundle which costs $549.99 and you don’t have to pay tax)

Payment method: Paypal goods and services (I will pay the fees)

WARNING: The parts will most likely not come in the official retail box unless the buyer wants to pay more for shipping. I will probably repackage the parts contained in the system bundle into a large flat rate box so I don’t have to pay $30 or more for shipping.

Daniel from 3638A

Note: If you are in the Sammamish/Bellevue/Redmond area, I can meet up with you and sell for less.

Wasabi is interested.

sent offer from (daniel@sudzilouski.com)

Parts have been sold at list price ($525) to team 13325 and are no longer available for sale