V5 Bundle Trade-in

I’ve tried digging through the forum, but couldn’t find a answer to my question, but I apologize if it is out there and I missed it…
The V5 announcement page and most of the posts talk about the trade in program as trading in a Cortex bundle (cortex, controller, keys) for a V5 bundle. Any word on what happens if you don’t have a full Cortex bundle? I have 4 “bundles”, but I also have three cortex that were purchased separately. Can they be upgraded? Or will I need to just shelve those and buy full-price V5’s?

Look here

you need a cortex, joystick controller, and keys… This is the ONLY trade in documented so far.

The forum is not VEX… Product page is.

Yea, that’s the page I am referring to. That isn’t a complete documentation about the trade-in program (as specified at the bottom) so I’m looking for other confirmation or previous experience with the PIC/Cortex upgrade.

Why? Each product line will be different upgrade options as the company matures - PIC is not relevant.

VEX does a really good job of being consistent. Even though this is a different line, the philosophies they use are likely going to be consistent. Backwards compatibility, multiyear phase in, etc. Its not unreasonable to assume they will use similar upgrade policies for the Cortex to V5.

Back to your original question, I think you are going to have to buy addition V5 Robot Brains at full price. What you do get a bonus is a coupon for 30% off an unlimited number of V5 motors in a single purchase. This is useful if you have multiple trade-ins you can phase in the additional motors over time. Yet to be specified is the trade-in price and delivery time.

I participated in the pic to Cortex conversion, it was painless. The date that has been given for the trade-in program is May 1. From Paul Coppioli, the deal will be to get a V5 controller, V5 Brain, battery and radio for half-price when you turn in your Cortex, controller and keys. By participating in the trade-in program, you will also receive a discount code for 30% off as many motors as you choose to buy in one shot. As for the price, Paul said the V5 at full price was likely to be less than the Cortex. Although the motors will be more expensive, the include built in motor controllers and encoders.

Does anyone know if the V5 partner controller will be the same cost as the regular controller and if this is part of the trade-in program?

There is no ‘partner controller’ per se. You just use 2 main controllers.

Can you trade in a partner joystick with a bundle and get two or do you just have to buy the second full price?

I don’t think there is an answer to this right now. My feeling is you will need to buy the second at full price.