V5 Cables

careful, looks like you stripped the insulator on common of your VEX cable :). Was that using the new VEX tool or you pocket knife?


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haha, yes I saw that after I took the photo. No, I do not have the VEX tool.

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Kids, don’t do this at home…

we learned the hard way at worlds what happens when you short main battery leads in competition.

Black is actually not common, it’s one of the signal wires.

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oops - see, that’s why I won’t be allowed to touch nice things :slight_smile:

I just received the cables, ends and tool ordered last week. Also the balance of V5 motors ordered in July, we now have enough motors for (8) per robot. Vex is working through this. Thank you Vex.

still nothing here - we ordered in june/july

Is it tools/cable stock that you are missing? If so contact vex support; I ordered mine in August and they shipped in a day or two.

Bundles and motors.

as for contacting VEX support you can not via email because they do not have time…

We are missing tools and cable stock, but it said it would ship in 8 weeks from our order. It is still processing but should ship next week. To be fair, we did have a large order of stock so I understand not getting it very fast.

Has anyone received an e-mail response from VEX sales lately? Its been a couple weeks for me.

Got an email yesterday saying they needed more information about my order - I gave them the info - have not heard back from them. So, pretty much waiting game.’

In the email they indicated that they were hoping to get more systems out this coming week.

Does anyone know what gauge wire is used in the v5 smart cables? It appears to be 24 awg from @jpearman 's picture, but I’d like to be sure…

To be clear, you may not make your own cables for competition. VEX Cable stock is labeled with V5 logo, so it can spotted during inspection.

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Speaking of this, what if you use official V5 cable and there is no V5 logo? Since I’ve thought about it, I’m going to make sure any really short pieces are cut to put the V5 logo in the middle. And they did put a logo every 4 1/8", which is pretty often. But if there are 4" or fewer (not often, obviously) between the two connectors, it is possible for the logo not to show, even if infrequently.

In phone cables the wires on the edge are twisted opposite of their original position (ex: cords 1, 2, 3, and 4 become 4, 2, 3, and 1 from one end to another.)
I think Vex made this change from original phone cords to prevent them being used, but kept the heads the same because they are probably already made and/or are easy to manufacture.

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The 4P4C connectors used on V5 smart cables are not the same as the RJ11/RJ12 connectors used on phone cables.

Also, not all phone cables are crossover cables; some are actually wired straight-through.

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Ok,thank you. We were a little confused about why the motors didn’t even register.

The rule is <R16> c)i)