V5 change up robot ideas

I am new at V5, so I want to know where you guys get information about robots other than youtube or Instagram, and also can you guys suggest to me how to learn v5 text coding? I learned C++ already, but I think V5 coding is quite different though it’s based on C++.
Ps.Please follow dnjswnsx on Instagram and help me.
Thank you

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I’d recommend reading the forums, there are tons of great guides people have posted here!

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Thank you for replying my post.
Can I get your instagram id to contact more?

yeah sure I can pm you, I’m not the most knowledgable person on here, but a lot of people who know a lot of things post here and as long as you take the time to read it you should start to pick things up quickly

the vex unofficial discord is the most useful community resource in my experience. it’s more social than the forums and you can expect to get answers pretty quickly


My instagram id is dnjswnsx.

oh cool, how can I join that discord

Use this link