V5 Chassis slower than expected

We are running a chassis with 2 V5 motors, and it seems to be running slower than any of our previous 4 motor chassis with Cortex. Is this what others are seeing? We had expected to be able to switch to 2 motors this year, given the increased powered from V5.

We are finding our V5 drive to be much faster than what we have used in previous years. Though we are using a four motor drive compared to our eight motor high speed drive from last year. How heavy are your robots?

About the same weight as we had last year.

What is the torque reading from the v5 brain? You can view this by selecting devices and clicking on the motor. I am finding that for some reason our equipment is only allowing around .6Nm of torque with the 200RPM inserts, which has resulted in a problem similar to the one you described where the robot’s drivetrain is quite weak.

Without seeing the drivetrains I couldn’t say for sure what the issues may be but you may want to check to see if there is any excessive friction anywhere. Also, are you using the 100 or 200 RPM gear cartridges?

problem seems to have fixed itself. Maybe the motors were overworked? In the past motors just shut down. Do the V5 motors slow themselves down?

We are using the 200rpm inserts.

I believe that the motors have some sort of thermal limit where their performance is reduced if they are overheating. Some correct me if this is incorrect. Also, if you were running the clawbot program, I think it was programmed to be slower.