V5 classroom kits

I ordered a set of 12 classroom robot kits in late May for a brand new course at my high school. We started school mid August, and I still do not have my kits. I see some are getting orders. When can I expect my order? I have NOTHING. Is it possible to get a free license for the virtual world program. I need something for my kids to program.

Please contact [email protected] or call them about the status of your order. It was made clear on numerous occasions that VEX was prioritizing V5 bundles, then move onto kits - exact timing is unclear.

As for programming, definitely download VCS now to get familiar with it. Not that it answers you question about virtual worlds.

@LBrobotics In response to needing something to program immediately, Robot Mesh Studio has a project type called Mimic that allows you to build and program a mockup robot on your computer. For V5 there are three languages to choose from so far: Blockly, Python, or C++. Here is an example of a maze solving robot made as a Blockly Mimic (requires updated Google Chrome browser).

I was just told by my VEX rep that my robots may ship in early October! What a joke this has been. From an early August delivery to maybe mid October. My kids are getting a very raw deal and I am very unimpressed with VEX. I tried to get the Virtual World System; I can purchase it for $299. VEX is unwilling to offer it to me for free. I have been using the Sphero system and it is very nice and has a good website and interface. The Sphero company got the set of Sphero’s to me in good time and the programming has been very good. Much better company to work with right now. VEX obviously does not care about developing new customers and building relations with new schools. Very disappointed and at my wits end…

This is an extraordinary year with the switchover to V5. I’m in the same boat as you and frustrated. However, this situation is very atypical. I’ve been involved with Vex robotics for five years and have been very pleased with the service and customer service Vex offers. So hang in there! If you’re a new coach, consider joining the Vex coaches group on facebook

If anything I am concerned about, I would say that VEX did a questionable job with the product and “Product Unveil” system. I remembered that time when they had a “Product Unveil” during 2016-2017 where it was a V5 logo and everyone clapping at just a logo of V5 without the VEX Cortex, and I absolutely loved the “Product Unveil” during worlds of 2017-2018 where they released Game Manual Rules which would’ve been posted anyways. I would like to question exactly what is a “Product Unveil” now at worlds considering this pattern.

Next thing I would say is that since VEX already pushed dates back, they should’ve released V5 and make sure everyone was prepared and had V5 BEFORE a game release(I don’t care if I waited a year), that way we know that there’s nothing to stress about, there would be a V5 system available quicker without having to wait a month-or-so, and that way we can ensure that there’s no team getting a competitive advantage for getting the system before other people. A good example of a competitive advantage of V5 is VEXU. VEXU is V5 only, and many manyyyy VEXU teams are just waiting for their V5 to ship in for once. After hearing rumors that it may be stepped back further I was about to quit VRC as a whole and focus on electives at school, but I gave it a second chance because of VEX’s warm and thoughtful community.

Other than these cons of just flaming, I think I will say I am quite happy with this new V5 system and I am eager for my V5 system to ship in. I can say that VEX does a really good job listening to their clients, and I believe that this will be a good transitioning year for my team :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t give up on vex yet, they normally have a really good and supportive environment and I’ve yet to be upset with them. the whole V5 situation is very unusual.