V5 Claw ideas

Need help with creating a V5 claw please give ideas

Anyone gonna help


Hold your horses. People don’t respond that fast; plus, you need to give us context. You could buy a V5 claw, or use an old one from the cortex days (they still work).

Sorry we are short on time
We need to build one from V5 motors and Mix Matched parts

But we have parts from the older vex claws

Same, That is what we are working on.

Send a picture of your assorted parts, then maybe we can help.

in that case the 448x style claw is probably the best for you do to the fact that facts that there easy to build and dint require mane parts

Are they stacking or flipping? That might not be the best choice.

I hadn’t thought of that, but if you’re just flipping go with a rotary flipper

We are doing the competition “Turning Point”

That was implied. What are you trying do do with this claw?

Flipping the discs and throwing the balls

if you’re only flipping the discs on the floor you should be able to use your intake for that

I am new to vex so please Not trying to be mean but elaborate

I don’t think he or she gets that. I think they are trying to throw balls with a claw.


Yeah so sorry if this is an inconvenience

No. We want to help. If you want help, send a PICTURE of your robot.

i can’t till later in the week but it is the generic Cortex clawbot with a few modifications but nothing major