V5 Claw

Is it possible to purchase a standalone V5 claw? It would be useful for our team’s design, but our V5 kit that just arrived does not contain it (it wasn’t supposed to). Is there any way to purchase it by itself? Thanks - Team 6142w


I was speaking of the V5 claw as seen in the super-kits. We have the old V4 claws

Oh! Sorry - I didn’t even realize they had a new one now. Interesting looking!

There currently is no way to order it separately.

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that’s unfortunate. Does the V4 claw work with smart motors?

Sure. We have 2-3 V5 Clawbots with the old-style claws around the shop. Or, if this isn’t for competition, you could plug the 393 claw motor into a tri-port on the V5 Brain.

it’s for a comp. thanks for the tip!