V5 Clawbot CAD files

Are CAD files (.step) available for the new V5 Clawbot? So far, I have only found V5 electronics components. Thanks.

Sorry about that. I’ve added a CAD file of the V5 Clawbot to each of the V5 Kits & Bundle pages.

I’m am also looking for all the V5 clawbot parts and can’t find them where you said to find them. I know this post is older but the OP is exactly what i’m looking for.

You go to the product page on vexrobotics.com and look for the “cad files” tab. Like on this page: https://www.vexrobotics.com/vexedr/products/v5-kits/276-7010.html#CAD_Files

This will get you a .step format. There are other parts libraries here and there. Some links to a few of the user built libraries are in this document: CAD for VEX Robotics.pdf (299.7 KB)

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Looks like these were accidentally left off when we changed the SKU’s for V5 kits a few months back. I’ve added CAD of the V5 Clawbot back to the V5 Classroom Kit pages.

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Thanks for your help!