V5 Clawbot

I am trying to build the V5 clawbot in order to take the CMU online training course next week. Because of the way our school upgraded from cortex to V5, I don’t have a full classroom kit, just the system bundle and a ton of legacy parts. It looks like I can’t purchase the parts needed to build the claw separately. I have a bunch of the old claws, but it looks like they operate differently than the new ones. Any suggestions for a reasonable build with the parts I have, or even some parts I could order?

I would follow the instructions for the legacy/EDR clawbot: https://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/276-6000-750%20Rev5_Print.pdf

and then instructions for mounting V5 hardware to the EDR clawbot: https://help.vex.com/category/129-migrating-to-v5

I’m sure this clawbot would be fine for learning purposes. The EDR claw cannot fit a tower takeover cube but a makeshift claw with some metal parts with rubber bands/ anti-slip mat would be enough to grip it.