V5 Coast or Ratchet for flywheel

When building a 1m flywheel with V5 if my team uses the brake type Coast will it overheat the motor faster than if we use a ratchet? My thinking is that since the motor is always spinning for the coast is would build up heat quicker. Or is the difference negligible?

Please assume that the build quality, ball compression, etc. is good.

@Mark Finley

My team has built a two motor flywheel without a ratchet. We have a ratchet prototype and ready to be used. We found the brake type coast in late October and have been using that since the construction of the flywheel (roughly mid-October). We have been to one competition and have done many tests on the flywheel without a ratchet.

We are now in the process of designing and building our second iteration of our flywheel. We had friction problems that needed to be resolved. The old gear ratio was a 11.66 increase in RPM, 200 motor output to 2333 flywheel output. Anyway, we have never had a problem with the motors heating up to the point where they stop working. They do heat up, within reason. Brake type coast works well in a match.

The only situation i can see a ratchet having a substantial advantage is when the flywheel is spinning at the end of a match, the match is ended, and power goes back into the motors. At this point, the robot is “disabled” and not performing any of its usual functions. The motors are not performing the coast brake type and will be forced to accept the power transferred from the flywheel.

Hope this helps.

Thanks! I just wanted to know if anyone had hurt their motors/lost a comp because of motor overheating. Sounds like we will be using Coast and no ratchets!

Ya even my Ri3D End_Game had no issue is coast and no rachet and that was back in June.