V5 Code for limit sensors and potentiometer?

I’m brand new to VEX and am having a heck of a time finding any information on programming the sensors. I know how to do the bump sensor, vision sensor, and sonar, because I got that information from a workshop I attended last month. Coding for the limit sensor and potentiometer seems to be a deep dark secret.

My school just purchased about $18,000 worth of VEX V5 equipment. Why is there so little information that comes with them? Every part, every sensor they send, should have at least one example of how to program it.

Limit switch is exactly the same as the bump sensor. The specific syntax for using the potentiometer will depend somewhat on what tool you’re programming with, but in general it gives you a value representing an angle for your code to use.

In VEX Code in the file menu, you can select “Open Examples”. there is a limit switch example and a potentiometer example programs. The programs themselves document where to plug them into the V5 brain.

Every part has documentation about the hardware on vex robotics.com EDR product pages. Software examples of the use of the sensor is pretty good, and for complex sensors, such as Vision there is documentation on help.vex.com

Please note VEXCode is pretty recent and thorough. You will find future versions will have in app video tutorials. The VEXCode for IQ is pretty good at this - so pretty sure things are headed in the right direction.

Good luck!

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Also, you should check out Certifications.vex.com for EDR educator certification online training - it is pretty comprehensive, but still has to be converted to VEXcode. The VCS examples should work as well.

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So your school purshased more than 10 sets?

Isn’t the syntax for Vexcode and VCS the same?

i think you wrote a space in your link, the link goes to this website called robotics.com

my bad - it happens when you reply too quickly. vexrobotics.com
is the correct URL to find product info.

C++ is the programming language used for VCS and VEXcode V5 Text. However, VEXcode will be supported and VCS is not in development any more. Anyone who is using VCS should migrate sooner rather than later to VEXcode.

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