V5 code not running after downloading


After downloading the code we have made in the blocks program it is not running. At shows no error messages or anything. Simply does not move. Interestingly, we tried using one of the sample programs from Vex, and it worked just fine. just wouldn’t run our code. Anyone know what’s up

Thanks, Hudson

Do you have a picture of the code you could show?

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Are you using the “when autonomous” start block? Or the “when started” one?

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It is difficult to debug your code without actually seeing it. Please post your code.


It didn’t work with either, we tried doing both with the same result.

Can we see your code? Pictures?

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we tried uploading a picture but our account is too new to do so, until we can do that is there any other advice you could share in the mean time?

Least I could say is there are multiple slots you can select between on the controller, maybe you’re selecting the wrong program, but without the code it is a bit hard to depict what is going on.

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This account is too new to upload attachments to this forum, so we’ve attached an Imgur link with the first part of the code.
The rest of the code after the screenshot is just repeating, following a maze path.
We think the code should work but here it is for reference.

thanks again, Hudson

Okay, so you need the drive forward in a loop because it stops instantly, why it stops instantly is because it goes from the drive forward to the wait until, try using a repeat until block with the drive forward in it.

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do you mean like this??

another imgur link ^^^

I don’t have access to a computer right now so I can’t show it. but you need to put the drive forward in a repeat until and get rid of the wait untils, then in the requirements put the rangefinder < 11 .

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ohhhh okay, well try uploading it to the brain like that and see if it runs.

Thanks for all of the help

our account got flagged for spam and we cant upload links anymore…
we tried doing what you said but after hitting run it didn’t move at all
just to be clear what should be the first block under the start tag? and should we have “when autonomous” or “when started”?

Do when started and have the repeat 9 times, then do a repeat until with the drive forward in it, then exit the repeat until and continue the code, and get rid of the wait untils.

Put a stop driving after the second repeat until.

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this code looks very different from our first draft, are you sure this code will complete the same function? the code written was specified for a specific maze, just want to be sure it all does the same stuff.

Oh, yes it will, except just ignore the second repeat until and just put the turn right for 90.

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ok that’s perfect!! we will have to run the code next week as everything is at our school, but thank you for all of the help, it really has been appreciated!

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tried running the code and it did exactly what we needed!!!
we will have to tinker with a few things but overall its perfect. thanks for all the help again! hope you have a good one man :smile:

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