V5 Codes

So we sent out our V4 bundle to vex on May 2 and still haven’t gotten the codes. We were wondering if any other teams have gotten the codes and if so why ours haven’t been emailed out. One issue may be that we registered our team on the same night.

I received my codes on May 16, only a day or two after my trade-in would have arrived in TX.

@mbrh I wonder if I should contact Vex themselves to clarify any mishaps.

I ensiled them yesterday. [email protected] . You should have got it by now. My school card gets shut off this Friday, and I want it ordered ASAP!!!

We looked in our database and have not received your package.
Can you please send an email to [email protected] with the tracking number of your package?

I got my codes today, 5/29. This is the sixth business day after they got my package.

I found out a way to control two smart motors using one button. The simpleclawbot codes that were downloaded from V5beta sight uses one smart motor to control the arm. If you want to add another motor in case one motor is not powerful enough, there is no way a control block can be added like what you see in the download. So what I did was that I added another motor and named it RightArm plugged into Port 2 and changed the original arm motor’s name to LeftArm. Then in block mode, I placed a when block and then I went into the text mode and copied all the codes in the LeftArm code block and pasted in the newly created block/square outline. And then change LeftArm to Right Arm. It worked! The Right button can now be used to control both arm motors. Now I have to figure out how to code the left joystick to control more motors since the right joystick controls both the right and left drive motors.

This thread was referring to the trade in codes, not programming…

After shooting vex an email we got the codes! Thank you guys from the forum and @VEX Support