v5 compatability

Has anyone with v5 attempted to connect a 393 motor to the new v5 system our school is all open and our v5 order gets in Monday we ordered 60 motors and have six teams and in open you can use up to 12 motors of any kind. I just wanted to know what works with the new v5 system

There are lots of useful threads on this topic here in the forum. Try doing a search for something like “V5 393” and see what pops up. The short answer is that you are not going to be maximum performance out of a 393 connected to a V5 and that combination is not legal in competition.

Unless you are allowed to add a power expander and a second battery don’t bother. The 393s run at significantly less power on v5 than on cortex. Add to that the fact that V5 motors were already 3x as powerful as 393s and missing 393s and V5s is just not worth it.