V5-Compatible Electronics - Survey

Hi everyone,

@Andrew_Strauss and I are working on a series of electronics products for use with the VEX V5 system. We are aiming at a wide audience, including competitors in VRC, VEX U and VAIC, as well as classrooms, with a goal of providing the “common” components that are required for going a step above the basic usage of the V5 system, in order to let students focus on their unique ideas and projects. To help solidify our plans, we’ve put together a survey available here; we appreciate any feedback you have, and please feel free to send us any questions. Thanks!


I am going into VRC in the 2021/22 season, but I am in IQ right now. Can I still participate?

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looking through the survey, most of the items are way over my head in terms of complexity and function, but from what I can grasp they look like powerful tools for vexu and vexai teams to utilize, so good job on that.


Sure, we’d appreciate any feedback we could get! As we say in the survey, custom electronics aren’t legal for VRC competition use (only VEX U and VAIC), though, some of it is still applicable for debugging and testing outside of competitions.


The only one that’s really useful for VRC (the 2nd one, i dont remember the name) is just like a wireless terminal adapter with a little more bandwidth and configurability

It also needs to be taken off of the robot for competition