V5 competition legal

Is V5 competition legal at 2018? Or will it released the actual version(not beta) version later in the season and would be competition legal at the next year worlds?


Not at this worlds, but it will be legal next season, as it is planned to release within the next month or so.

Our RECF rep told us at state a couple of weeks ago that it isn’t expected to be released until August. Was that incorrect information? Because I have always heard May.

I have heard rumors that it won’t be until next season after this next year because the early teams will not have access to it because of the August release. So who knows

mmm yeah they wouldn’t do that to the current teams.

Our Vex official said once that next years game will have advantages for using either the new V5 stuff or the old “legacy”. Sure sounds like V5 can be used next season.

VEX V5 Control System will be legal for the 2018-2019 VRC competition season. Some of you competing in events during the Summer of 2018 will not have access to V5.

So that means we’re looking at the first teams getting V5 in August at the earliest, and most probably later. It’ll be interesting to see how this effects the normal competition schedule, seeing as teams will not have access to V5 until September/October.

Do you know how long it will be in between shipping off the old system and recieving the new system? I assume we’ll get the discount codes once you recieve our system, but there will also probably be a significant processing time. The trade-in starts in May, right?

Does this mean that those of us trading in in May will not have electronics for 3-4 months?

Thank you for this post, Paul. Is there some way educators (or everyone) can get more updates on the timeline? I’m now 2 months past having to make decisions for next year, so I’ve been left making guesses due to a lack of information. Information about VRC is more critical at the moment for me, but I also have to deal with V5 considerations alongside billing. For many schools the fiscal year ends at the end of June, so whether we can order things before the end of June or not can make an enormous difference as to how we move forward.

If August is when we get v5 it will leave us all with a tough choice: do you do a summer rebuld?

Careful about the August date. That was given by @Mystical Pie in response to @Paul Copioli 's post. While probably a very good estimate by @Mystical Pie , it doesn’t logically follow. If V5 can be delivered to you by July 14, that would not be in time for some summer competitions. I didn’t check internationally; it could be that July 1 wouldn’t be early enough. @Paul Copioli also said “some,” not “all,” competing in summer competitions, so he could be anticipating V5 being used for some summer competitions, too.

Any slippage beyond May would be very concerning. It givea teams with access to beta units a significant advantage over teams that are still waiting. The longer delay, the bigger the advantage…

That is with the assumption that there are no issues during the V5 tests. Often during beta tests problems are uncovered which require firmware and software updates and that means delays and frustration. If that group has to endure the challenges then I am happy to give them the advantage.

This community would go crazy if their robot didn’t perform well during a competition because of a glitch. We are all looking forward to many years of V5 usage so let’s give them the time that they need to properly test the product and reduce potential errors.

Also not that big of an advantage. Pretty sure I can say that the kit is only 4 motors and is not legal to be used in competitions. It is hard for beta testers to get that significant of an advantage. Now if you think we might be a bit more familiar with the API to read controllers and control motors that is probably true but the versions we are getting familiar with might not be the final version of the API.

I think once serious teams get their hands on the V5 hardware they will get familiar with it quickly enough.

I agree; I think having beta access is not a game changer.

I called VEX the other day and told them I have some money that I must spend by May and they said that they are posting the costs and item numbers mid April. They aid at that point I could go ahead and place the order or at least do the PO.
Hope this helps