V5 concern

so this year our team has gone with the old vex system rather then V5, although I do recognize that we will eventually have to move over to V5. One of my concerns about it though is the programming. I have been using robotC for all of my years that I’ve programmed and if i remember right, I saw that v5 does’nt support robotC but rather C++ python and javascript. I don’t know how comfortable I would be with having to learn a new programming language just for V5. and I will mention that I might just be wrong about being able to use robotc but that’s why i’m voicing my thoughts/concerns to the forum. So my questions for y’all is 1. can you use robotC for v5? 2. if not what would be the closest thing to it?

I’m pretty sure the v5 coding studio has robot c++

robotC is not compatible with the V5

Edit: It sounds like you’re asking about VCS when you’re specifying C++, Python, and Javascript. Officially there variants of Modkit’s and VEX’s C++ that are supported by VCS. Python and Javascript are not officially supported as they’re listed as “in development.” Robot C++ is not currently listed at all. PROS used to be listed but was taken off of the list. It sounds like there are no current plans for PROS. So even if something else used to be listed, I wouldn’t expect it to be supported.

However, you don’t have to use VCS. Then PROS and other things will be available to you.

Contrary to this PROS 3 officially supports V5 and is available to beta testers.
VEX Coding Studio is Vex’s flagship programming system and supports C++. I suspect it will be the most similar programming system out of all of the options to RobotC. Both PROS and VEX Coding Studio can have RobotC concepts transferred over fairly well, and “learning a whole new language” really only applies for doing more complex things than implementing user control and doing basic timed autonomous routines, so if that’s all you’ve done with RobotC so far you should be perfectly content when trying more or less any of the options available.

Not sure where you got that from…

@mikethememe You should be able to move to PROS C relatively easily, especially with the crazy amount of documentation the PROS team has put out… After that, you could probably move to PROS C++, but you don’t have to.

I’d view this as more of an opportunity than a nuisance. It’s a great way to learn another programming language and expand your knowledge.

You’re right. I was sleepy and was writing about VCS. Rereading the OP, it’s vague about if the question is VCS or V5 in general. Editing my post for clarity…

As many others have said, PROS can be used to program V5, and you have the option of PROS C and PROS C++. As far as my knowledge goes, they are phasing out RobotC along with the cortex, and this talk about RobotC++ and whatnot is actually all just the same thing. I believe that RobotC++ and the VCS version of C++ are the same thing (it wouldn’t make much sense to have two different versions based on the same language).
Regardless, if I were you, I would definitely attempt to learn as many of these as possible. The great thing about being given so many language options at this level is an amazing opportunity because you don’t get the chance to experiment as much in the work force. I highly recommend trying out as many of these new languages as you can and getting as much experience as possible. The great thing about programming languages is the more you know, the easier it gets to pick up a new one. For most people, once they understand one, learning more and more only gets easier from there.