[V5]Confirmation of loop time.

so the vision’s loop time is 200ms? not 20ms?
the ADI port’s loop time is 50ms?
But I tested a 10MS speed loop, and the ADI port also got different data.

I’m pretty sure that 200 ms is a typo. 0.2 s is a noticeable delay, easily catchable by eye. That’s 5 fps; think about watching a movie at 5 fps. It updates a ton faster than that. I can’t say for sure what it is, but it’s certainly a lot less than 200 ms.

Can you confirm that loop time of ADI port is 50ms?

Nominal loop time is 10mS, meaning we receive a new message with updated values from ADI every 10mS. However, depending on exactly what your code is doing you may not see changes quite that fast.

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