V5 Controller “Cannot Use Bluetooth” Glitch

So I was trying too connect my controller in order to run program today, when I suddenly got the “Cannot Use Bluetooth” error. I thought this was odd so i tried to dismiss the error but it didn’t respond (to any buttons at all). I tried to restart the controller I’ve unplugged and replugged my radio, changed from Bluetooth back to VexNet on my brain (I can’t get to settings on the controller before the error pops up)

“cannot use bluetooth” shows when system is using bluetooth and a field controller is connected. If this is showing with no field control, then most likely this is a damaged RJ45 competition connector on the controller. If the controller is non responsive (because it is showing the bluetooth message) then change to vexnet on the V5 brain and then tether the controller to the brain to reset it back to vexnet, however, if the RJ45 is damaged this controller probably will not work in a competition environment.