V5 Controller - Flying Saucer icon

What does the little flying saucer icon on the V5 screen mean when connected to field control? I’ve only ever seen this on one controller.
Checked with the team after the match and firmware on both appeared to be up to date. Happened every match.

A picture would be really nice.

Yeah, I wish I had taken a picture! It was an event we were involved with running so not a team I have direct involvement with. But every time they had a match, that little space ship was there! They had no idea why and neither did I. It worked fine on field control though.

Would it be possible to draw what you remember then upload a picture of what you saw?


Something like that.

I think I know which team you are talking about here. You can change the icons and text that appear on your controller screen in your user programming and I suspect this is what has happened, maybe there was miscommunication between the drivers and programmer and this caused their concern?

I knew you could do text as we use that all the time but didn’t know it was possible to do graphics/icons.

Congrats on an incredible performance by the way.

When I upload code to V5 brains, I tend to use an uploader I wrote myself just beacuse I can. That alien icon shown is actually due to this, as uploading, say, a PROS program then with my uploader will show the alien icon instead of what it would normally show. I believe this is to do with the generaion of the slot_n.ini files as when I generate


I use the icon with ID 900 which doesn’t actually exist. On the brain this causes it to list the program with a ?, but I reckon this is why it shows an alien on the controller.
I have a system bundle here with me, but unfortunately I don’t actually have any smart cables to connect the robot radio (big facepalm) so I can’t confirm or deny this theory until Monday. It’s definitely due to the upload process rather than the compile process, however.

That makes sense Nathan.