V5 Controller Freezing

Recently, our V5 controller has started freezing more and more often and is having to be reset through the button on the back of the controller. I have seen numerous threads complaining about this issue but none with a permenant fix or explanation. It has gotten to the point where we cannot run a 1 minute driver skills without the controller freezing. Any fixes to this issue?

Edit: We have noticed that it seems to happen more often after we have charged the v5 controller.

Are you fully updated to the latest vexos ? (V1.0.5)

I am fully updated to the latest OS, checked both in VCS and the VexOS Utility. The time interval between occurrences did widen as the controller was used more and more on that charge.

Well, I’m not sure what is happening there.
controller charge should have no impact on controller performance (in terms of the controller freezing). Does this happen using standard VEX drive program ? Are you able to try another controller ? Are you using VEXnet ? (meaning did you switch to Bluetooth for any reason)

We have not attempted it with the default drive program but if it continues, we will attempt it. We dont have access to another controller yet and it is on the standard VEXnet comms system. Our solution as of now is to not charge it to full and see if that helps.

Ok, well post any new information you have in this thread. vexos 1.0.5 did introduce many stability improvements for the controller and we have run them for many hours without problems. It may just be that you have a defective controller, but we need to debug a bit more before coming to that conclusion. If you still have issues next week, send me your code and I will make sure it’s not a code related issue here.

It only happened 3 or 4 more times in about 6 hours of use after letting it sit overnight off the charger. I have noticed that the little controller battery icon is still showing full battery even after about 6 hours of continuous use. I did get a suggestion to force update the firmware in the VEXos utility and will do that tomorrow now that I have figured out how(Is there any documentation on the utility?).

yes, battery icon will only start to show depleted battery during last couple of hours of operation. A full controller battery can easily last 8+ hours of use.

There’s really no particular need to force update, that feature is used for recovering from a failed vexos installation and we usually provide details on how to do that if a customer has a specific problem that requires it. However, there is some info on how to display the advanced options the firmware update utility has on the help.vex.com site.

Okay, Thanks for the info.

We are still having many issues with the controller freezing and there no longer seems to be a correlation between battery level and it freezing. It will freeze randomly on the home menu too, its not just in our program. It also freezes immediately when connected to the brain using a wire.

I have also force updated firmware.