V5 Controller Joystick input directions?

Heya! Been working away from my robotics team and I was working on a new, from-scratch program.
Problem is, got the images of the joysticks and the axis and things of the sort, but when working with the 100 to -100 range, I’m wondering what left and right is on each axis, is left negative? or is right negative? or is it different for each joystick?
Sorry for the trouble, Cheers!

Think about it as co ordinates. Right and up are both positive

They’re different. Axis 2 I believe is the right joystick and axis 3 is the left one. When the values negative you can interpret it as reverse, and when it’s positive you can interpret it as forward. However you can do whatever you want for the interpretation of it.

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You can get the robot to print the input values of each of the controller sticks onto the brain screen.
Just do: brainName.screen.print(controllerName.Axis1) or something along those lines in a while loop. @UvuvwevweOnyetenye and @Harik_Sodhi are both probably right, but printing it to the screen will give you a sure answer.


Yup, good advice. You can also use std::cout to print to the terminal on your computer, if you keep your controller plugged in