V5 Controller Not Recognized

For some reason, when I plug my controller into my laptop, VexCode doesn’t detect my controller and a notification pops up from Windows that says, “USB Device Not Recognized.” I looked under device manager and instead of saying v5 controller, it says, "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed. Any ideas?

Have you installed the v5 drivers?

Yea, that’s not helpful.
The V5 controller is connected to the computer to allow wireless download to the V5 brain.

It sounds like drivers were not correctly installed, simplest solution is probably to reinstall VEXcode.


Yeah, reinstall Vexcode, or it may be a computer issue.

Yep it worked. Thank you

I have the same problem on multiple computers. I have reinstalled vexcode, checked the driver install log which says successful but I still get a “device descriptor request failed” when i look in device manager after trying to connect the brain

Other ideas?