V5 Controller Paddles

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I was here - things have changed! I’ve been busy volunteering in the NZ scene but haven’t been so active online as work and other commitments stacked up. For those who got started with VEX within the last 5 years or so you may know of me for a PID guide I wrote some years ago.

Back in the V5 Beta testing days I remember sitting down with my set of electronics while live streaming the 2018 VEX Worlds at a viewing party at some crazy hour in the morning (NZ time), and opening up Autodesk Inventor. I wanted to try and create a tidy 3D printed accessory that could clip onto the V5 Controller to give better access to some of the face buttons.

Since then, some of our kiwi teams have played around with it, used it locally and at subsequent VEX Worlds events, and it’s been through some iterations based on feedback. I’m often asked when I’ll upload the parts online publicly, and I’ve always said “remind me, I’ll do it on the weekend”, and then always forgotten. This time, I remembered!

As such, I’m very happy to now be releasing online for you all… my V5 Controller Paddles. Download links for STL files and a 3D viewer are available here.

Have fun.



That’s why he’s the goat!!! The GOAT!!!