v5 controller questions

Quick question, is it possible to use the current controllers in replace for the new v5, and if you don’t need to switch over, what are some reasons why the newer controller is better then the old. I know this seems idiotic but while trying to see the new controller I noticed there are no screw ports in the back, why would this be a problem? I was planning on making the attachment that antechamber made to his controller to make it more like a scuff controller given that this is legal(I haven’t looked into the legality of this).

Depending on your preference, the new controller is probably going to feel nicer to hold than the current one, as well as having an LCD built into the controller with live robot information. The LCD is also programmable and the V5 Controller has a haptic feedback motor that can be interfaced with through your robot code. The V5 system is also getting rid of vexnet keys, so there’s no cross-compatibility between the current controller and V5 Brain.

It is legal, this question was asked in a Q&A: https://vexforum.com/t/answered-attaching-3d-printed-parts-to-a-vex-controller-legal/44526/1