V5 Controller Replacement LCD Screen

So the inevitable happened. The LCD screen on one of our V5 controllers had an impact, that caused the screen to die. The screen got cracked and the liquid crystal is now unreadable. Yeppie.

Any electronics wiz know what type of screen it is so we can order and replace? I am told it is the same screen from a Vex IQ brain, but that doesn’t help. We opened the controller, but there is nothing to identify the make or model of the screen.

Any help is appreciated.


You may already know this, but, in case you don’t:
Any such attempted repair would render the controller illegal for competition.

I am aware of this. However, for practice we would like to have a fully functional controller.

The truth is that there’s not really a good way to determine the answer, especially because I doubt anyone with sufficient electrical expertise has actually investigated the insides of the V5 controller. There’s a chance the IQ Brain has been sufficiently investigated, but I have no idea where you might find the corresponding information (yes, I know the VEX IQ Forum exists).

Furthermore, even if the LCD circuitry was reverse-engineered, it is entirely possible the part is custom for VEX, since VEX would be buying in volume.

If sufficient reverse engineering is accomplished, though, you may be able to bodge in an off-the-shelf LCD and have it be good enough for practice (since you already confirmed it would not be for competition).