V5 Controller Runs program but wont move motors

Hello! I have a V5 controller that runs a program that will print Hello to the brain screen and is suppose to move a motor. A very simple program. However, the motor will not move. It prints Hello to the brain screen but the motor doesn’t move. I try it with another controller and the program prints Hello to the screen and moves the motor. So there is a problem with the controller. I tried resetting it from the bottom of the controller but it doesn’t change anything. Anyone have any ideas?

Have you confirmed the motor is working (e.g. by trying to move it from the brain’s “devices” menu)?

Have you confirmed that your program has the motor set up on the right port?

If neither of those helps, please share your code here – either a screenshot of your blocks program, or copy and paste the entire contents of your text project into a reply, then hi light the code and click the </> button to get code formatting.


If you wish help debugging your code it would help to include your program in your post.

You will need to also let us know what programming language you are using.

My gut is that your program is zipping right by the movement commands since they might be setup as non-blocking. You can put a wait after your motor command and see if that is the case.

Hey! Thanks for the relies! I don’t need help debugging my code. The code is fine and the motors are fine because the program works when I use a different controller. With a different controller, I can run the program and it will print Hello on the brain screen and move the motors. The problem is with 1 specific controller. I can run the program using the problem controller and the program will print Hello to the screen but the motors will not work when using the problem controller.