V5 Controller Screen - Clearing issues


Has anyone ran into the problem of clearing the controller screen and it doesn’t completely clear the screen?
Also does .Screen.clear() resets the cursor back to the top of the screen, and if I have to manually set it, what command would that be?




method was written before the 50ms limit on messages to the handheld controller screen was added to the firmware. In Robot Mesh Studio, VCS, and PROS’ equivalent,


tries to send three


messages in rapid succession, two of which always fail because of the firmware messaging limit change.[/s]

[s]Short version, don’t use


for now. As for the cursor, it’s good practice to set location before you write rather than after you clear. That should be through the

void setCursor (int32_t row, int32_t col)



Not true with VCS, with VCS 1.0 we still have original SDK and send three clear line commands, but 50mS message requirement should be handled ok. In the next VCS release it will be more efficiant as we added a special clear screen message for the controller.


I end up writing my own clear screen function and GUI…


Would you mind sharing your functions? I’m looking into making my own as well.


Here’s the system I wrote before Christmas: