V5 Controller Screen Problem

We have a V5 controller. When we start it up, the menu screen doesn’t show up. Any thoughts on why this is happening? Thanks.

Huh. Odd. Did you try the hard reset? Whenever I have controller issues, I just reset it.

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you hold the reset button, right? if so yes, multiple times.

What kind of problems did you have?

You don’t have to hold it, just press it. Our controller freezes in the on position sometimes when we disconnect from computer while trying to end the program. Anyway. Does the screen turn on, and not display the menu? Or does it not turn on? Do you have the latest firmware?

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yes the screen does turn on with no menu screen. just blank. and how do you find out the latest firmware thing?

Please, download and install latest firmware to V5 brain

then follow controller update instructions

when i plugged the remote in, it did not come up with the update frimware alert on the brain.

@Jared_Stark, sorry to say, but all signs point to your controller being non-functional.

Please, contact VEX support to discuss possible repair options or arrange for replacement if it is still covered under warranty.


Try charging your controller, this is unlikely but the battery may be dead.