v5 controller screen [RobotMesh Python]

Hi, I have three RMS Python programs loaded in Slot 1, Slot 3 and Slot 8 on a V5 brain. When I load Slot 8, the name of the file displays on the first line of the v5 controller (“great pillow” a default RMS name). Slot 1 and Slot 3 have my main competition template (2 versions), custom named (“v5baller_competition” no special chars, etc.). The controller however displays “ddd” instead of a program name on both selections. Slot 8 displays program name properly. The strangest thing is that once in a while I see “d_d” instead of “ddd” and this is when my autonomous does visibly different things. It feels like it is running a different version of the code. We named this the “inconsistent consistency” but it is becoming annoying. I don’t have a “ddd” anywhere in my code and I can’t find any settings anywhere in RMS to change what is displayed on the controller. I know there are ways to display custom stuff but I’m not doing it. Yet… “ddd” is something I WOULD type when some software insists that I need to give something a name and I don’t want to deal with it at the moment. That’s why this is really bugging me.

Any idea if it is a glitch or something I’m doing wrong and how to reset or fix this? Not a deal breaking issue, but very annoying that I don’t know why it’s doing this… Tried the reset hole on the controller and I’m running v1.0.5. Thanks.

PS. Three more questions that are similar but different:

  1. How to erase one or all slots on the v5 brain (I know I can overwrite but how to make it blank so it is not an extra option on the controller)?

  2. What does “Force Full Download” do in RobotMesh Studio Python in the setting section (sorry, could not find in API docs)? It is unchecked by default.

  3. On the v5 brain screen in home> devices > brain there is a Team Number field, how to populate that? I remember in the Cortex/RobotC days you’d be in big trouble if that field was not populated.

Sorry for the messy post and many thanks.

Hi Roboballer.

Note that you must tether your joystick to the V5 Robot Brain with a V5 smart cable in order to update the firmware on the joystick. Old firmware on the joystick could easily cause mysterious print errors.

No way to delete individual programs, currently. You can wipe out all user programs with Settings -> Delete programs…

Force full download doesn’t do anything on V5 at the moment. On IQ and Cortex it will disable partial downloads, which is useful if the user program becomes corrupted.

Robot Mesh Studio does not require you to enter a team number, and it is not currently required for VRC, as far as I know.

Thank you very much for the quick answers.
I did tether the controller and I think the firmware upgraded, but not sure. Is there a way to check? Or way to wipe/force clean update?