v5 controller screen

What are you guys putting on your v5 controller screen(apart from pre-match auton selection, etc)? I was thinking battery charge, arm position, drivetrain speed. Am I missing anything?

Maybe Doom.


He asked about controller screen, not Brain screen.
Also auton selection isn’t possible afaik, since controller seems to be disabled when robot is disabled.


Maybe include your signature values and their corresponding color if you are using a vision sensor. Also, if you are using a vision sensor, make sure you have a signature selector depending on whether you are blue or red.

This will help if you are using the signatures in match. There will be no need to change the signatures straight from the code every single time.

I have not actually been able to get stuff to display properly on the controller screen. Whenever I use the command to print to screen, it just flickers on the bottom.

If I could get it working, I would print flywheel rpm and intake state.

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@InsertString There’s a 50ms delay on being able to send messages. Any message you send before that delay has passed will be ignored by VEXos. Asking it to write a line, clear a line, or perform a rumble pattern all count as messages. I’d recommend starting a thread that handles printing to it and managing the delay in that thread.