V5 controller smart ports usage in PROS

So, recently i have been looking into utilizing the smart ports on the V5 brain for external sensors. I then remembered that there are 2 smart ports on the controller as well. So my question is, is it possible to use these for external devices the same as the ones on the brain, and if so, how would i go about doing this in PROS with c++?

No, it is not possible.


The smart ports on the controller are not for use by you, the user. Those ports are for a partner controller and a new field control system that may or may not ever come to fruition.


New V5 Product?..

It will


You can’t use those. In addition to the other reasons, the controller has very limited resources and a very low bandwidth, so no smart sensor would have anywhere near the resources required to be usable even if the software allowed it.


Well I guess this wasn’t a ships in 8 weeks scenario like I expected. I’m excited to see what else develops out of this.

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