V5 Controller

My team is preparing to get our V5 kit and I was wondering if you can use the V5 controller while it is charging.

Yes, you can

Be sure to update the firmware on your brain before you do anything else with it. Literally. Pull it out of the box and update the firmware. Don’t even plug anything in to charge first.

Why is that? Is it because it starts freezing?

The firmware shipped from the factory is old and extremely buggy. It has been known to result in bricked (unusable) batteries, among other things, where the only recourse is an RMA from VEX.

Ah. That’s pretty serious. Our controller has been freezing up after updating firmware, so we may be sending it back.

Did you update the firmware on the controller by attaching it to the brain after updating the brain?

Yes. Firmware was updated on brain and controller