V5 Controllers Shorted

Someone on our team recently crimped a v5 cable the incorrect way and it was used to plug 2 controllers into a cortex. The result was smoke coming from the port plugged in and the controller no longer works correctly with competition switches. The controller does work wireless with our robots but we cannot use them for competition. The port smells definitely like an electric short on both controllers.

Is there any way for us to fix the controllers or send them back for a replacement at a discount possibly? We are aware it was at fault of our team now after checking the wire and we will be briefing all members on how wires are supposed to be oriented and making sure that only people who are trained make them from this point on.


This is potentially covered by warranty i would email vex support about this. If not i guess you are out a controller. Vex does not like teams repairing/modifying electronics like PCB’s that would be in the controller.