V5 Cortex Not turning on

Our Brain was working about a week ago, but stopped working today. When we try to turn it on, it just shows the battery indicator and the screen doesn’t turn on

Your battery is probably low. Try charging it for half an hour or so.

we have 3 bars on our battery

Maybe try charging it anyway? That’s my best guess, if that doesn’t work I have no idea.

Give me a few minutes, I will send you something to try as a long shot.

We have seen a few instances where setting the screen backlight to 50% can cause an issue like this. To fix it you need to set backlight back to 100% by going into settings and then selecting backlight, unfortunately, not being able to see the screen makes this hard. So use the attached template, cut it out and lay on the V5 like this.

Then turn the system on, touch the area where settings would be (box 1 on the template) and then touch the area for backlight (box 2).

It’s a long shot I know, but we may get lucky.
template.pdf (9.09 KB)

@CHINESEISASIAN So did you try this ?