V5 Disconnecting During Competition

So, our first competition was this Sunday, and we ran into a big problem. During almost half of our matches, our V5 kept disconnecting. Once during our autonomous, twice during driver control, and once before the match even started. Our battery and controller were both nearly fully charged, and it was suggested that it might be our autonomous, but we double checked that and besides - one disconnection was before our auto started running. Is there any way to prevent this??

We have had similar issues in some of our matches. The EP and Refs changed out the 7 year old wires that connected to the towers and that solved the problem. Maybe it’s just a cable issue

Did you update to the current firmware for the V5 Robot Brain and V5 Controller? Were the LEDs flashing green on the V5 robot brain. Did you get a snapshot of the V5 Event Log from the brain?

where is your V5 radio located?

V5 Radio - was it surrounded by a lot of metal? Was it mounted vertical at the highest point on the robot?

It was, it was mounted vertical on the outside of an aluminum C-channel

and the firmware?

Both have been recently updated, I would have to double check the LEDs. And no, I don’t know how the event log works.

How to get to event log.
1 Turn the brain on using power button
2 Go to the devices
3 click on the one that looks like the brain in the top right corner it says event log and under that it is blue.
4 click on the blue view button.

You can look at it by tapping on the V5 Robot Brain → Devices. On the next screen which shows all the devices connected to the V5 Robot Brain, touch the icon of the device that looks like the V5 Robot Brain. On the V5 Robot Brain display you will see the VEXos version, it should be 1.0.5 … There is a tab for Event Log - there is a text in Blue that says “View”. Touch it to view the log.

that’s the closes vex has to show you with pictures.

Thank you, I can check the event log next time we meet. Am I looking for anything specific here?

you probably won’t get anything useful from the log at this stage, you would really need to check it after the match where you had issues.
The most important thing to check is if you are on version 1.0.5. There were many small improvements to VEXnet/radio in that version.

Also make sure the wire between radio and brain has absolutely no bend it in (per discussions with Vex personnel when we had a similar issues). It was recommended to us that we put the radio in a different port (was in 21) due to the (small) bending necessary to get from port 21 back towards where the radio was mounted. The cable itself was straight & had no marks or kinks, but we were advised that when having issues with intermittent radio connection the first thing to try is replacing the radio wire with a completely new one and having it run a very straight shot from a closer port up to the (non-metal-surrounded) radio.

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