V5 Distance sensor passes through field walls

As the title says, the V5 distance sensor is unable to get any reading off of a metal field wall, which we have measured with the devices tab and through code. The sensor can ready right through the wall rather, detecting boxes behind it. Is this intended behavior or is there a way to fix this?

How close are you to the field perimeter ? How is the distance sensor mounted on the robot ? The distance sensor uses a laser and measures the time it takes for the light to reflect off an object. Our testing shows it will usually detect the field perimeter.


The distance sensor can no longer get a reading around 700mm, but is very iffy on whether or not ot reads up to that point. The sensor is mounted so that it is level with about 3/4 up the wall. This issue is not not present on the portable fields.

You mean closer than 700mm ?


When closer to the wall than ~700mm it sometimes gets a reading, but also sometimes drops out. When further than ~700mm we can get no reading at all, while with the portable field this same sensor was reading values up to ~1800mm.

I’ll post a me too on this. Our teams have found the V5 distance sensor to be practically useless on metal fields. It was always a guess if it was picking up the wall panels or seeing thru to something well behind the field wall.