V5 Distance Sensor Unavailable

Our team is recently looking for buying the new V5 distance sensor. We reached out to two vendors in our location (in Taiwan); one said that they don’t have any and another said that the new sensors are yet to be released (but I doubt it). Are the new sensors also very much unavailable in the States or is it just in our location? Thanks.

It’s likely your location. I recall in the past that’s how it typically worked, as the states would have access before other countries when new products were released.
@meng may be able to shed some more light though

Any release date on the new sensors? - #9 by DRow. This post has the update. US first then international.

With the fact that I’m still waiting for my 3 wire expander, I doubt that they will be available anytime soon with official vendors. iirc I heard that Taiwanese vendors were nearly out of vex materials due to the pandemic.

Your best shot might be to look at the vendors on TaoBao. They might have gotten the distance sensor early and therefore you can buy it from them.

Good luck with your season and see you in the signature event in January!