V5 Distance Sensor Vs. Ultrasonic Range Finder

Hi, all! We are wondering the pros and cons of the new V5 distance sensor and the ultrasonic range finder. We are hoping to use it to measure the distance from the walls to reset our position for our odometry. Do the new distance sensors detect the walls or since it’s a laser, does it go through it, and therefore would not work for our purpose? Also, how well do they work? What has been your experience in using them? Thanks in advance!

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I don’t have any experience in using the Distance Sensor, but there are some other threads on this forum that have talked about it.

This question was asked in this thread, if you read from the post I linked, JPearman (one of the V5 developers) answered that it does detect the field perimeter.

JPearman also talked about the distance sensor in this post, and some of the pros over the ultrasonic.


They’re both pretty similar. The main differences are that the new one is light based, has a smaller “hitbox” per se, is a little more accurate, and uses 1 smart port rather than 2 triports.

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