V5 drive train

Since the V5 motors are much stronger than 393’s, would it be possible to use only 2 on a drive chain? If so, would it have to be the lowest possible RPM (100) or could it be higher?

Yes, it would be very possible. It was sated though that a V5 4 motor base has significantly more acceleration than a 2 motor one.

Yes a 4 motor V5 base at 200 rpm would have as much torque as a 4 motor 393 torque drive yet still be faster than a 4 motor 393 HS drive. A 2 motor V5 drive at 200 rpm is equivalent to a slightly faster 4 motor 393 HS drive. 2 motor v5 at 100 rpm is equivalent 4 motor 393 torque drive with slightly more torque.

Are you saying that they 2 motor V5 drive at 200 rpm would be slower than the 4 motor 393 HS drive because of the reduced acceleration or because the V5 motors would not be able to perform at their peak due to the reduced torque? I ask because theoretically, the V5 motors at 200 rpm would be faster than a 393 drive with high speed motors.

High Speed 393 = 1.6X faster than torque setting, so 1.6 x 100 rpm = 160 rpm.
200 rpm > 160 rpm

@The Electrobotz sorry I worded it wrong. I meant to say that if a 4 motor HS 393 drive was slightly faster, it would be equivalent to a 2 motor v5 at 200 rpm. Both of them have basically the same torque, so acceleration would roughly be the same depending how much friction your drive has.

I would do a 2 motor v5 200rpm, what @Joshua_L says makes sense to me.

Both are okay options, although I like the four motor drive better than the two motor one. Less friction between chain because you don’t have to use it and you would pretty much dominate the center platform, which is worth the most points in the game. It would also make you the first to pretty much everything. You could control more of the objects with the four motor drive. Pushing power is key for the center platform and, surprisingly so, you’d have enough motors to do everything else.

I agree with this, and it is actually our plan now. I figured that with this setup, a 4 motor drive makes sense. With the Cortex system, the common 6 motor drive amounted to half of your allocated motors. This year, A 4 motor drive is also half of the motors. Even though it will likely result in 1 motor for your lift, that it equivalent to the 2 motor lift, which was very common this past year, even with robots that go much higher than the height of the tall poles.

Personally, I am only going to focus on caps for early season, so I’m planning to have the drive at an extremely high speed. I am planning a six motor 600 rpm v5 drive that will be externally geared 3:5 for torque. This will bring down the speed to a much more reasonable 360 rpm. This will allow a stupid fast drive while still leaving potentially enough torque to challenge the center park… I’m still debating doing it though :slight_smile:

Y tho