V5 drone

Or catapult/kicker/flywheel.

Why Vacuum when you can use ropes to grab the balls

I speculate that spinning rotors at high velocity would violate some basic common sense, but It’s worth a shot! The real question is can 4 v5 motors geared 7:1 with polycarb rotors provide enough power to lift the weight of the drone? you would practically build it from more polycarb probably, but battery, brain, radio, and motors add a lot of weight…

its sooooooo much more efficient :wink:

OR punch the floor so the balls bounce into a hopper at the top.

Yes, this is the new meta.

This is how I imagine it going. The writing is from the announcer’s perspective

Auton in 3…2…1…GO

Team 6142w from the blue alliance takes off and… flies to the other field?

They score all the flags on the other field. It’s anyone’s guess how the refs will score it.

The referees have decided that the BLUE alliance wins autonomous, because “Technically they didn’t cross THEIR autonomous line”


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I just turned dark mode off :smile:

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it so weird, and how did you do the 20 character thing

If only you knew…

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I just copied and pasted it

Oh no! There they go out of the field! Look out in the pit over there!

You would not need an expansion zone because the robot would not technically be expanding, it would just be changing the height of where the bottom of the robot is.

It doesn’t even matter if there is no expansion zone, it is illegal to hit the top flags with the robot, and even with a ball that is touching the robot. Fun idea though!

Wait. The auton line would mean nothing to a drone, because they wouldn’t be touching the field tiles.


just use the auton to block their shots


Yes. V5 drone parts? Needs to happen.