V5 drone


If anyone does it please post it on this thread so i can see :smiley:


Since we are allowed some plastic parts in competition… I need to go do something :smile:


I have no idea how my coach/school will take it, but since I can make my own end-of-year project (the season’s over for me & the team), I will attempt it. :smiling_imp:


the blades would be c channels bent 45*


Wouldn’t have enough lift due to the surface area to weight ratio. It might work with aluminum plates cut, but still the screw holes may make the difference. Poly carb is the best way to go :slight_smile:


wouldn’t a helicopter be more efficent? if you have one motor on the main rotor, one motor on the tail rotor, and 2 servos for pitch and roll, it is somewhat lighter.


yeah but adding 2 motors for the drone would increase lift exponentially, counteracting and surpassing the added weight. Plus drone is easier to design.


duck tape the holes and with 4 blades it should lift pretty easly.
alluminoum is a must upon doing this.
the hardest part would be the programing.


With the new three axis gyros it’s almost as if they want us to build drones…




Would there be any way to do it without gyros?


I beleave you can but the programing would be harder


Now that I think about it, it would probably be easier to use PID control with a gyroscope


yes WAY easier. the harder part would be tinkering with it until you get it right. as I say in robotics every motor is different.


can a drone WSOD?




White screen of death? or something else?


yeah, have we discovered a solution to the problem?


sadly vex said that replaceing it is the best option


or build a drone base!