V5 drone


wait are we talking about the V5 brain?


yeah, to solve WSOD build a drone.


well I’ve done it before but beyond me I know of no one that has built a drone. for me it was extremely hard


Did you actually? I don’t believe you. The general consensus was that it was imposible


well its possible with cortex for about 30s then it all goes down hill


How did you do it? What was your design? How many motors? What gear ratio?


8 motors
1:9 ratio
\ /
/ \ that is the design
( I didnt take vary much documentation)


can 4 v5 motors physically output enough lift to raise their own weight, the weight of gears and nuts, the brain, battery, battery clips, and radio? my guess is yes they can, but we should 100% make sure that they can before we attempt building. I’m not the best at physics, but I think that if 4 v5 motors can carry all that weight on the end of a lift, that means they also can carry that weight in flight. we’d use 4 600 RPM motors, geared 7:1 probably, yes?


yes but I would use 8 V5 motors and use a 1:18 ratio


Hey James Chase,

I’ve been thinking about a V5 drone as well. I’ve been working through the math and science of it (I think, I haven’t built a drone before), and I estimated that with basic V5 components, 0.75 kilograms of hardware, and 10" propellers, you could easily fly a drone with 4 1:1 motors (with the High Speed cartridge), even taking into inefficiencies and the Drone Hover Rule, which says that a drone should be able to generate twice as much angular velocity as what it takes to hover.

You can find my calculations in the attached document. I’d really appreciate it if you all took the time to proof it, as I would like to build this in the near future.:grinning:

Drone Calculations.pdf (47.0 KB)


those calcluations look correct (I guess I forgot how strong V5 motors are) I would sugest at least putting a 1:3 ratio in so that you have some hight and streangh (in case lifting something). another thing is that there will be about another 1/4 lb for sensors in order to fly properly.


send me a revised virison of the calcluations so I can look over it and make shure im not missing something


I’m using 4 normal-geared V5 motors with a 1:5 external ratio with chains and sprockets, for a total RPM of 1000. I’m building it in Inventor.


FYI if you are going to use that for compation PUT IT IN AN ENGEERING NOTEBOOK judges love that stuff


also I would suggest 8 motors so that torque isnt a problem


Given how heavy v5 is, how weak the motors are (compared to brushless motors used in real drones), and the limitations of competition legality, i don’t think you could make it fly. I’m guessing that all 8 motors could only lift 100-400 grams.


actually 4 can lift 1.28 kg


We have the calculations… The real question is: Could a drone ever be viable in a competition? Also, How far up could the drone fly without “leaving the field?”


Use Mecanum Wheels as propellers.


It would be so funny if someone brings a drone to a comp.