V5 drone


@P_Mania That’s what I was thinking too. Standoffs are WAY lighter than conventional structural components, and you could conceivably make a very tight and lightweight frame, only using aluminum plates for motor and rotor attachment.


here is some valuable info for all teams 4 drone building
I greatly suggest making a 3D frame, printing it, and LOOKING AT THE PITCH!
our team would be doing this but we do not have a lot of materials
here is the link to the website I used to find out these calculations.
thank you for considering this


FYI to get 10200 RPM you need a motor with a 600RPM cartrage and it also needs to be geared 1:17


@Royal_Freedom While I used metric for momentum theory, I did not consider the actual definition of thrust :sweat_smile:. You are on point, and that easily explains why my calculations were so far off what @Download_Complete’s calculator suggested.


this would be a

big gear|small gear
_______big gear|small gear
_______________big gear|small gear


yes defenition of thrust is x-tremely important


Drone Calculations_v3.pdf (168.2 KB)

Okay, so using @Royal_Freedom’s corrections and @JamesChase7422C’s calculator, I have a hopefully more realistic grasp on these calculations. I am using a 3:125 gear ratio to get the 20,000 RPM needed to lift a drone assuming that the weight of the drone (not including necessary hardware) to be up to 3/4 lbs.

Also, I live in Florida, so the air temperature is usually around 86 degrees Fahrenheit.


now do we have enouph KW/H?
I see .339 KW/H is that correct?


My teammate wanted us to try this. I will be following this thread closely…


It’s not a water game, its an air game! Vex theory time: Since V5 and legacy parts could be built in a way to fly, VEX may have designed a game in which you could do the competition grounded, but one in which flying would give you the advantage, think about turning point compared to other VEX games, it is the game in which a flying robot would give you the greatest advantage, also, with the new gyros and more powerful, faster motors that have a much more stable power consumption, not only is it likely, it could be that VEX is slowly pushing us in this direction. Think about how easy turning point would be with a drone which flew over the competition to either fling balls or pick up caps, it would almost be too easy. But that’s just a theory, a VEX theory.


Actually, vex standoffs are a little over half the weight of an aluminum c-channel of the same length, so the weight savings aren’t that dramatic, especially when you consider that the standoffs will likely have to be doubled up to be structurally sound. What I was suggesting is a possible way within the rules to use nylon standoffs, which would be significantly lighter.


also standoffs would be more prone to falling apart unless you use lock tight


this drone will vibrate a lot so you need to use a good secureing system


look what I found! 68648 68649




it isnt exactly all vex but it proves it can be done


Does it work?


im not comleately shure
I will put the link in a comment


here is the link


Is it yours?