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Hi! Is anyone able to tell me how to set one motor to the speed of the controller joystick?

Also look at the 2nd comment which shows how to set up the speed of motor with joystick.
When controlling multiple motor with one joystick you have to make a variable that’s outside the while loop and make the variable equal the joystick value
Then put the variable inside the motor speed.

Also use


Do I write it like:
int ch1;
ch1 = controller1.axis1();

It said it had problem called controller1 axis 1 doesn’t have a call operator

How to solve this?

You must append .value to that. So it would be Controller1.axis1.value()

You also don’t necessarily need to use a variable, you can insert that directly where you would put the variable/value for motor speed (in motor.spin)

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You can take a look at this example from kb.vex.com

Also, there are several video tutorial that may be helpful: