V5 Electromagnet Competition Legal?

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My team and I are researching sensors that might be useful in the future, as we received a donation to spend on the needed parts. I’m intrigued by the Workcell electromagnet, and think it might be useful as a release mechanism of some sort, but I can’t find anything on its legality in competition.

It would make complete sense for it not to be legal, because it’s a Workcell part, but I’d like to know for sure, as that would affect our parts order.

I know parts vary from game to game(pneumatics last year being an example), and my question could be answered once next year’s game manual comes out, but I’m just curious if Workcell parts are competition legal?

Any insight or help y’all have is greatly appreciated!

It’s not legal, and you can’t even buy it separately from the workcell kit. Parts on vexrobotics.com need to have the “VRC Legal” label for them to be legal, and the workcell kit does not have this.


Not Legal:


Please read section R6 subsection d. of the game manual, I believe you will find your answer there

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It is not legal this year.

If you look at <R6>, part d, parts unique to the V5 Workcell are not permitted.

This specifically lists the V5 Electromagnet (276-7047) as prohibited.

Next year remains to be seen.


Read the manual. <R6> d. Components that are unique to the V5 Workcell product line are …

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check out R6 subpoint d …this part of the manual doesn’t usually change from year to year.


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