V5 EXP classroom advice

Hi community,

I teach robotics classes at the high school level. I have 12 Vex 5 classroom sets that were purchased two years ago and have worked great for one class. However, my school has now added another class and I need to order a number of extra kits. The Vex sales rep said I should upgrade to EXP because that integrates well with the current system. I’m reluctant to do this because I already have one full set that is hardly used and just need to add more kits. The other part of this is that VEX has discontinued its classroom kits.

I am seeking advice on which direction to go. Should I invest in the new system? Do EXP kits integrate well with current V5 kits? Or should I stick with the V5 system and attempt to piece together extra kits?

Thanks for your any input you can provide.

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Are you just after the metal or just the brains? If I had 5 V5 brains I’d stick with that so I’m not burbling around with different brains.


I almost have enough metal. Unfortunately, the metal parts I need can only be purchased as part of a competition kit. That means I would end up with lots of extra structural parts.

As far as brains go, I don’t have enough for two classes. Would sharing brains between classes be confusing for students? Does removing and reattaching a shared brain become complicated with the standard claw-bot build?

It’s not complicated, you can buy a package with a brain, controller, battery and 4 motors. Getting it may be worth it vs the aggravation.

What is the metal part you can’t buy in a package?